WDT, SPY, RAK, IKE: How are these tech stocks faring on NZX?

ech stocks a mixed bag today Investors are still risk-averse Some technology companies have reported strong growth

GEO, PPH, SKO, RAK, PYS: How are these tech stocks faring on NZX?

Technology stocks have been trading flat today Investors have taken a cautious approach due to an uncertain economic environment They are investing in safe and well-established companies

SKO, IKE, RAK, SCT: 4 technology stocks to explore in July

Technology sector is one of the booming sectors worldwide. In this article, are discussing 4 NZX listed technology companies like SKO,IKE, RAK and SCT.

SCT, VGL, RAK: 3 NZX tech stocks to watch out for this month

As over 30,000 small businesses have taken part in the NZ government's digital training programme, stocks of NZ tech giants like SCT, VGL and RAK have grabbed the limelight.

SCT, WDT, RAK: How are these tech stocks faring at the NZX?

NZ’s tech sector plays a crucial role in the nation's GDP growth. Scott Technology signs its largest-ever deal. Wellington Drive Technologies, Scott Technology and Rakon are 3 NZX-listed tech stocks.

PPH, VGL, SCT: 3 NZX technology stocks in news amid digital skills shortage

  • Jun 25, 2022 NZST
  • Sonal

Kiwi business are witnessing shortages in digitally skilled workers and needs more investment in the tech sector.

PX1, ERD, SKO, RAK: 4 NZX tech stocks to explore this year

NZ tech exports contribute significantly to the country’s economy. Rakon, EROAD, Serko and Plexure Group are some of the tech stocks listed on NZX.

RAK, WDT, PYS: Are these tech stocks big NZX losers today?

Technology stocks have been down of late. They have seen huge sell-offs due to an uncertain economic environment. Inflation, pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war have prompted investors to stay with safe stocks of well-established companies.  ...

PPH, SKO, RAK: How are these technology stocks faring on NZX?

Technology companies have not performed that well of late on the NZX. This is due to an uncertain economic environment. Rising interest rates and the Ukraine-Russian war have prompted investors to invest in safe and well-established companies. Tech...

Google to pay Australian politician A$715,000 over defamatory YouTube videos

SYDNEY: An Australian court ordered Google to pay A$715,000 ($515,000) to a former senior lawmaker on Monday after finding that a YouTube commentator's "relentless, racist, vilificatory, abusive and defamatory campaign" drove him to quit politic...