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  • 16th Aug 06:00 AM NZST

  • 14th Aug 05:52 AM NZST

    Turners Automotive Limited (NZX:TRA) has partnered with an online platform for investment called Sharesies to launch an employee share scheme. The scheme entails an opportunity for full-time and part-time employees of the business to invest NZ$1,000 and receive NZ$1,500 worth of shares at the competition of 3 years.


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    n order to encourage employee participation, the company is offering a three-year interest-free loan to acquire the shares to all staff members.

    The  Chairman of Turners,  Grant Baker said that team engagement has been a key focus area for the company.   This is a scheme to incentivize the employees, he said.

    The Company is likely to issue shares under the initial launch on 24 August 2022.

  • 13th Aug 07:47 AM NZST

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    New Zealand health authorities have revealed the trail of an innovative and smart new remote device that allows patients to be monitored at home and lets them spend less time at the hospitals. This will greatly help ease the pressure on the country’s health systems.

    The said device, known as BioStickers, which are worn on the upper left chest, are made of soft, flexible material and are 85 mm long. They help in capturing vital medical-grade data, such as heart rate, skin temperature and respiratory rate, and are passed on to medics who are treating these patients.

    Currently, six-month trials of these smart devices are being run across Counties Manukau and South Canterbury, and initial feedback from the people using these devices is that they feel safe with the devices on and like being treated at home instead of in hospital.





  • 13th Aug 06:51 AM NZST

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    NZ Government is mulling additional long-term rental options to developers by way of tax incentives as long as the homes are held as long-term rentals.

    To qualify for the said scheme, tenants are to be offered leases for a minimum period of 10 years. However, developers can still qualify for the exemption if the tenants ask for shorter agreements.

    The Kiwi government admits the importance of the build-to-rent sector and its role in filling the gap in the rental market by increasing the housing supply for the low- to moderate-income households as well as improving the quality of rental housing, offering warm, dry and secure homes to the vulnerable.

    Legislation in this regard is likely to be introduced towards August end in the Parliament.


  • 7th Aug 05:55 AM NZST

    Women’s representation on public sector boards and committees is now 52.5%, according to a New Zealand government communique. The facts have proved that diversity on the broads bring a wider range of knowledge and experience. This would be beneficial to the organisations, a Beehive release said.

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    According to the release, the government of New Zealand is taking action to make Aotearoa a more equal society for all. The release said that, ensuring the voices of women around the boards of public organisation is a crucial component. It would also pave the way for more women to follow.   Over 2021, more than 54.6% new appointments were women in New Zealand.

  • 5th Aug 08:12 PM NZST

    The New Zealand share market ended its winning streak to end marginally lower almost flat at the close of the weak. The index rose 200 points over the first four days of the week and is up nearly 8% so far this quarter. The NZX market kept tracking Wall Street that ended mixed due to geopolitical tensions Thursday evening.

    The S&P/NZX 50 closed down 0.06% to 11,728 with 66 rises and 60 falls. The market volume was 38.71 million and the total turnover was 100.50 million.

    The top-performing stock on the index was mobile technology company Plexure Group Limited (NZX:PXI), which gained about 12.50% at the close of the session, New Zealand King Salmon Limited (NZX:NZK), which gained 10.42%, Trade Window Holdings (NZX: TWL), up 10.29%, Third Age Services Limited (NZX:TAH), which was up 4.56%.

    Image Source: © 2022 Kalkine Media®

    The bottom-performing stocks on the NZX were Kingfisher (NZX:KFLWG), down 40%, fast food chain Burger Fuel Group (NZX:BFG), down 7.46%, Greenfern Industries (NZX:GFI), down 3.66%.

    Among other stocks, Fisher and Paykel (NZX:FPH) was down, Mainfrieght Limited (NZX:MFT) was also trading lower. Technology stocks held up with Plexure Group leading the pack.

  • 3rd Aug 09:09 PM NZST

    Unemployment rises slightly to 3.3% in New Zealand

  • 3rd Aug 09:09 PM NZST

    What are Synthetix & Oasis Network cryptos; why are they trending?

  • 3rd Aug 09:08 PM NZST

    TRU, BLT, MWE, GFI: Why are these NZX penny stocks in the limelight?

  • 3rd Aug 09:08 PM NZST

    WBC, ANZ, HGH: How are these big banking stocks faring on NZX?

  • 3rd Aug 09:07 PM NZST

    NZX 50 closes 1.50% up, TAH, MEE gain, HMY, IKE slide

  • 3rd Aug 04:42 PM NZST

    Stats NZ released the latest unemployment figures this morning. According to the latest statistics, the unemployment rate is slightly up over March quarter’s 3.2%.

    The rise in the unemployment rate partly reflected weak employment growth, which was flat in the second quarter. The unemployment rate has been as per expectations with a slight increase.


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    Stats NZ also reported that labour underutilisation rate which a broad measure of unemployment also slipped to 9.2% in the June quarter as compared with 9.3% in the March quarter. Stats NZ described the unemployment and under utilisation rates as being relatively unchanged from the previous quarter. The stats NZ figures point towards a tight labour market capacity.

    Meanwhile, another set of data released by Stats NZ was wage inflation, measured by the labour cost index (LCI), which was 3.4 % in the year ended June 2022. Kiwis ordinary time hourly earnings rose by 6.4%.  The increase in LCI is the largest since 2008, Business employment insights manager, Sue Chapman said.

  • 3rd Aug 02:19 PM NZST

    NZX 50 ends in green; PX1 zooms 26.15%, NTL slumps 33.33%

  • 31st Jul 06:25 AM NZST

    Synlait Milk Limited (NZX: SML) Friday announced changes to the structure of the company’s executive leadership team. Grant Watson, the chief executive officer said that his executive leadership team will have refreshed Synlait’s strategy.

    According to the new strategy, there will be more focus on Synlait’s core business which includes Advanced Nutrition, Ingredients, consumers and Foodservice.

     The new strategy will be shared with the shareholders at Synlait’s full-year results to be announced on 26 September.

    The changes being brought about in the structure and the executive team will enable greater focus on ingredients and advanced nutrition businesses and introduce a dedicated food service business to highlight the China business.


                                     Source: © 2022 Kalkine Media®

  • 30th Jul 05:12 AM NZST

    The government of New Zealand has devised a new three-year plan to transform the construction sector. The new three-year plan is with a view to transforming the construction industry into a high performing sector with increased productivity, diversity and innovation.

    The plan was unveiled by the Minister for Building and Construction Dr Megan Woods.

               Source: © 2022 Kalkine Media®

    The plan will be executed through government and private sector partnerships the minister informed. The forward transformation plan has been developed through detailed engagement with industry and government and the key focus area are people, client leadership, environment, and innovation.

     The initiative will be targeting a wide range of groups including small and medium-sized enterprises, current and future sector leaders, the existing workforce and potential new entrants, Māori businesses, and public and private clients.

  • 24th Jul 06:40 AM NZST

    New Zealand Government has congratulated Dalton Tagelag, Premier of Niue, on the success of the small island nation’s COVID-19 vaccination programme.

    Source:© Kostas1gr |

    With 99% of its eligible population being doubly vaccinated, Niue has one of the highest vaccination rates across the globe.

    NZ has supported the Pacific Island country to achieve such high coverage and has been assisting it since the outset of the pandemic, helping in strengthening its response to the infectious virus, including the provision of COVID-19 vaccines for all the eligible age groups. Also, the Kiwi nation is supporting Niue’s pediatric COVID-19 immunisation programme.

    It must be noted that COVID vaccines and their subsequent rollout support to Fiji and Polynesian countries like Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, etc., are being provided through the NZ International Development Cooperation.

  • 24th Jul 05:54 AM NZST

    Napier Port declared its 350 meter wharf called Te Whiti opened on Friday. The new 350-metre wharf is one of NZ’s largest privately-funded infrastructure in last 10 years. Its construction has been completed ahead of schedule and at a cost of NZ$173-179 million.

                                                                                                               Image Source: © 2022 Kalkine Media

    Chief Executive Todd Dawson said that New Zealand’s supply chain is the foundation of its economy and there has never been a greater need for an efficient, cost-effective, sustainable network than there is now.

    The port is connected to rail and state highway networks and a series of strategically-located inland ports, enabling a more efficient, coordinated flow of cargo across and in and out of New Zealand.

    At 350-metres-long,  Te Whiti wharf is long enough to accommodate the large vessels calling New Zealand. This is also geared up for future needs.




  • 23rd Jul 06:32 AM NZST

    Dr David Clark, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs informed about the four new hirings  have been done to the Consumer Advocacy Council.

                                            Source:© Jirsak |

    The 4 fresh appointees are Desiree Mahy (Tūhoe), Jessica Wilson, Norman Evans and Nanette Moreu Hammond. All these hirings have been done for the next three years period, beginning 5 July this year. 

    The four new members have many years of work experience in the consumer affairs and advocacy space, especially in the energy field , an important area where the Council lays its emphasis. These members would be joining Deborah Hart, who was also appointed in July last year.

  • 23rd Jul 06:05 AM NZST

    Lately, deputy director general, Biosecurity NZ, Stuart Anderson updated that tourists are forbidden from getting personal meat items containing consignments to Kiwi land from Indonesia. This move has been made to shield from FMD (Foot-and-Mouth disease).

    Source:© Katerynakon |

    He further enhanced that though Indonesia has been persistently scaling up its FMD response, New Zealand is taking every step against the spread of the disease.

    Some of the actions undertaken are strengthening airport security checks, introducing disinfectants mat for individuals coming from Indonesia to clean their footwear, an awareness campaign aiming at travellers, supplying Indonesia with instruments and backpack sprayers to support on the ground along with NZ’s technical skills.

  • 20th Jul 09:25 PM NZST

    NZX closes higher on global cues, FPH, WBC, RBD gain