Windfall Geotek Inc. (TSXV:WIN)


Windfall Geotech Inc provides digital solutions for entities engaged in the mining and exploration business.

It develops and design software solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The company’s proprietary platform is CARDS (Computer Aided Resource Detection System), which is designed to save exploration and development costs up to five per cent reportedly.

The firm says that this software solution assists in improving drill target accuracies, reducing write-offs and wastage, and enhance productivity by predicting variables like equipment depreciation, changes in mineral market value, insurance, repair cost milestones, human resource, and regulatory changes and many more.

Previously, the mining company was earlier known as Albert Mining.

The company is engaged in integrating the artificial intelligence technologies with exploration and development operations of minerals, oils, gas and even water.

The tech company claims that through its technology recent discoveries have led to the discovery of water sources and aquifers in drought regions.

It says that machine learning-based technology platform coupled with the geologic discoveries have significantly improved the operational efficiencies in mineral exploration and mining industry.

Since 2004, the Canadian firm had assisted 30 client discoveries and over 80 target generation projects across the globe.

Windfall Geotek Inc leverages its software licensing business and select equity participation to ensure stable returns on investment to its shareholders. The company identifies the need and market of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the coming future.

The company also claims to acknowledge the increasing demand for minerals and base metals like gold, cobalt, silver, etc.

Windfall Geotek reportedly focuses on junior mining companies that lack adequate financial resources to fund their mine development projects and raise additional equity.

Windfall Geotek claims that mid and small sized mining companies make them ideal partners to introduce innovative practices and investment opportunities.

Through its innovative CARDS platform, the company facilitates mineral discoveries for its clients and make it faster and cost efficient. The company also uses public data to find new projects and targets.

Contact Information

company address 7005 boulevard Taschereau, Suite #265 Brossard, QC J4Z 1A7

company phone514 994-5843

company email[email protected]

company website

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