Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. (TSXV:EAC)


Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. is a Canadian industrial technology company that operates in the agriculture sector and the infrastructure and maintenance sector. Earth Alive is involved in the formulation, development and distribution of modernized products for agricultural and dust control purposes.

The company utilizes microbial technology to manufacture these products and enables customers to operate with minimal environmental footprints. The company’s biotechnology-driven products offer sustainable product options to customers to replace toxic chemicals and additives utilized in several industries.

Earth Alive provides numerous environmentally friendly products made of organic and natural ingredients under two product divisions:

Agriculture Division – The company has developed various organic soil input options to maintain soil health according to the production requirements of all kinds of agricultural produce to support the growers and producers. These products include:

i. Soil activator

ii. Wave liquid sea minerals

iii. Fish Hydrolysate

iv. Alga liquid seaweed

v. Mineralized seaweed

vi. Cowpots – seed starting pots

Infrastructure Maintenance Division provides microbial solutions for industrial applications, particularly mining and construction operations. These are biodegradable dust resistant products which include:

i. EA1 – Dust suppressant

ii. RapidALL JS – Industrial cleaner

The agriculture and infrastructure-focused company operates in North America (including the U.S. and Canada), South America, Central America, China, Europe, and Africa. Originally, the research about the microbial technology-powered products began in 2005. The company with its strategic partners developed two such products and in 2012, R&D operations was commercialized. The company through its innovative offerings aims to improve and advance the environment sustainability factor attached to the agriculture and mining sectors.

In February 2011, Earth Alive Clean Technologies was incorporated pursuant to the Canada Business Corporations Act with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. In December 2019, Earth Alive became a publicly listed soil health company on the TSX Venture Exchange, with its common shares trading under the ticker symbol EAC.

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company address 9641 rue Clément Lasalle Québec H8R 4B4 Canada

company phone1 438 333-1680

company email[email protected]

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