Innovotech Inc. (TSX:IOT)


Innovotech Inc is a publicly-traded biotechnology company that focuses on selling its products and organizing contract research for outside customers. The company product line includes seed treatment for bacterial and fungal diseases, and human and fungal biofilm susceptibility tests. 

Through its biofilm contract research department, the company is committed to solving clients’ biofilm problems. It conducts research for early-stage identification of problems, and screening for anti-biofilm activity. 

Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, Innovotech Inc trades on the TSX Venture Exchange market (TSXV) under the ticker ‘IOT’. 

Merle Olson, Howard Ceri, and a group of other researchers who were interested in biofilms established the Biofilm Research Group (BRG) at Calgary University. BRG became a famous center for the testing of antimicrobials and device coatings. 

Currently, Innovotech concentrates on the InnovoSIL family of antimicrobial compounds based on new silver. For testing antimicrobial agents in solution, the company has developed numerous unique methods. 

Innovotech has resolved various biofilm problems in the industry, including wound healing, bacterial and fungal agricultural crop diseases, paint and specialized coatings, catheter and implant medical devices, water system antimicrobial agents, antibiotic drug development, dental treatments, and water line antimicrobial agents and bacteriophage testing. 

The company concentrates on biofilm product development and offers solutions to problems caused by microbial biofilms to various industries, including agricultural, medical, and industrial. Through its portfolio of products, the company addresses biofilms issue in numerous industries. 

Its products include InnovoSIL, the MBEC Assay, antimicrobial products, Agress and AgreGuard products. The company, through its experienced research team, develops experimental protocols to meet customer-specific needs. 

Its contract research services cover various applications, including waterline and pipeline fouling, third party validations, agricultural diseases, food safety, consulting services, regulatory submission packages, implanted devices antimicrobial testing, antibiotic and biocide efficacy screening, and dental biofilms. 

Innovotech assays and services include planktonic antimicrobial testing, biofilm antimicrobial testing, and more services. Innovotech’s researcher’s team assists its clients with various analytical services, including water content measurement (direct injection and thermal extraction), and atomic absorption spectroscopy (Ag, K, Na, Cu, and others). 

Contact Information

company address "Suite L131, 2011 - 94 Street Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1H1"

company phone780 423-8662

company email[email protected]

company website

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