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European Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (ERES REIT) owns and invests in multi-residential properties and real estate properties.

The trust units trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under ‘ERE.UN’ stock quote. It graduated from TSX Venture Exchange to TSX in 2020. The un-incorporated trust owns real estate assets majorly in Netherlands and some other European markets.

The company has a strategic partnership with TSX-listed Canadian Apartment Properties REIT or CAPREIT, which presently manages a portfolio of over 65,000 residential and manufactured home sites across Canada, Ireland and Netherlands.

CAPREIT (TSX: CAR.UN) hold significant units in European Residential REIT and has 62 per cent interest in ERES Limited Partnership, exchangeable for trust units.

In May 2017, European Commercial Real Estate Limited converted from a corporation to publicly listed real estate investment trust.

The Europe-focused company’s residential properties are located in Gelderland in Doorwerth, Limbur in Vaals, North Holland in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen in Hoogezand.

In addition, it also owns real estate properties in Brussels, Belgium, covering an area of 167,000 square feet and around 173,000 square feet in Greater Munich, Germany.

In addition, the diversified portfolio consists of 139 multi-residential properties representing 6,047 apartments in Netherlands and two commercial properties in Germany and Belgium.

ERES REIT claims to financial support and generate solid returns for its investors by investing in a portfolio of European residential assets with sustainable cash flow.

European Residential Real Estate Investment Trust through its ESG strategy aims for efficient utilization of resources, better innovation management and labor development. In addition, it claims to leverage CAPREIT’s expertise in ESG approach.

European Residential Management and Maple Knoll Capital are the trust’s significant partners.

European Residential Management owns a diverse portfolio of family homes in urban and suburban locations in Netherlands. Presently, it consists of over 6,184 single and multi-family units in three countries.

Maple Knoll Capital, an asset management company, manages the commercial properties of the real estate investment trust in Belgium and Germany. The investment management firm claims to offer strong return to shareholders, maximize capital investment, and provide vigilant risk management strategies.

The company also provides different types of rental agreement structure and focuses on redevelopment and development of projects.

Contact Information

company address 11 Church Street, Suite 401 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5E 1W1

company phone416 354 0167

company email[email protected]

company website

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