TSX stocks to buy as WHO considers declaring monkeypox global emergency

By - Raza Naqvi


  • The WHO is discussing if monkeypox cases should be declared as a public health emergency.
  • As of June 22, Canada had 211 confirmed cases of monkeypox.
  • Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of solid healthcare infrastructure has been reiterated many times.

The World Health Organization's emergency committee met on Thursday to discuss they should declare a worldwide emergency amid rising monkeypox cases.

The infection caused by the monkeypox virus will be classified in the same category as COVID-19 if it is designated a public health emergency worldwide.

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The WHO had come under fire due to allegations that it delayed the coronavirus pandemic declaration. Same allegations were levelled against the global health body during the Ebola outbreak. Hence, the WHO's decision over the monkeypox cases is much awaited.

For many years, monkeypox was only seen in Africa, but since May, there have been reports of cases in Europe, Canada, the US, Australia, and many other countries.

As of June 22, Canada had 211 confirmed cases of monkeypox, and the Public Health Agency of Canada is closely monitoring the current situation.

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