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Kalkine Media brings the latest market news updates and in-depth commentaries in real-time for its growing audience in Canada. Backed by a team of senior researchers, Kalkine also provides specialized consultancy services for its investors in various markets, including Canada.

Kalkine’s Live News segment provides incisive updates from Canadian markets, which includes the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), TSX Venture, Canadian Security Exchange, etc. The site also reports stories from the wider North American markets.

It covers trending stocks, key breaking news, comprehensive sectoral analysis, currency and commodities markets, cryptocurrencies, as well the micro-and- macroeconomic outlook.

Kalkine provides an unfiltered and objective view of the developments in the stock market, which helps readers to understand the emerging trends or a interpret a particular situation correctly to make an informed decision. The reports and articles are tailor-made for easy comprehension for all.

The company is mindful of various interests of investors, looking for expert guidance on different stocks and securities.

The Kalkine Live News segment presents short and quick snippets of sector-wise information on different companies, stocks, and securities in markets across geographies for the benefit of its readers. It also covers national and global events impacting the financial and the economic ecosystem.

Kalkine has a proven track record in analyzing stocks in different markets, which helped its clients to reap maximum benefits from the emerging opportunities. Kalkine Canada is a one-stop destination for all market news from start to close, and beyond.

Kalkine Media is a publishing platform, which is a part of a broader B2B umbrella of the Kalkine Solutions Private Limited.