Why did PolySwarm or NCT Crypto's volume saw a 5000℅ jump

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Why did PolySwarm or NCT Crypto's volume saw a 5000℅ jump

*Although NCT has remained vital for the last 12 months, its witnessed an increase in investor attention in the last 30 days. The crypto looks to be following a bullish trend after going live with its mainnet last month, which is an independent blockchain that runs its separate network to offer products and services. *The NCT crypto is PolySwarm's token and is also known as Nectar. PolySwarm is a cybersecurity company and acts as a launchpad for new technologies. PolySwarm also helps users detect and gather intelligence on malware through its innovative threat detection methods. *In the last 12 months, NCT surged over 3300%, and it could be going further up. If you’re interested in the crypto, you can get a hold of it on exchanges like Coinbase Exchange, Huobi Global and UniSwap. 


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