Which ETF reported year over year returns reaching 233% ?

With most ETF investment company’s projecting for further growth it’s a space that has caught the attention of investors, more than likely for the diversification and comparatively lower costs associated for trading the stock markets. The stock markets saw some huge sell offs during the covid-19 downturn, due to the economic shutdown many asset classes were no longer in demand and saw declines.

However the stocks now at low price levels were a buy signal for many investors in Australian equity stocks including ETFs, which in Australia alone saw an increase of $20 billion in new money invested. Two other themed ETF’s that saw significant increases in 2020 were ETFS Battery Tech and Lithium ETF (ACDC) which provided investors with returns of 62.24% even after the deduction of fees, investing in a diversified allocation of stocks related to the distribution, storage and energy production of lithium batteries.

Betashares Asia Technology Tigers ETF (ASIA) also shone during 2020 with large holding in Taiwan semi-conductor companies that became hot property with the increase in sales in electrical goods such as PC’s. And now that your interests are piqued we will take a closer look at some high performing cannabis and ethical ETF’s for June 2021.

This ETF provided a 24.62% year over year return. It focuses on diverse group of investments that offer sustainable profits with a low risk exposure. This fund is actively managed and shows potential as it maintains a high-risk tolerance to economic delays that can be tied in with complying to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors.





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