The Penny Picks || Who are the 10 hot ASX technology stocks in the penny space?

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In this show today, we are going to look at 10 hot ASX listed technology stocks in the penny space that are under the investors’ radar.

* Hiremii (ASX:HMI). While the Company’s shares have provided a negative Year to date return of 31 per cent to its investors, the market opportunities are pretty decent.

Next on the list is Reckon (ASX:RKN), which has delivered an impressive Year to date return of 25 per cent. Reckon provides accounting, expense management and scanning management software.

* AML3D Ltd (ASX:AL3) is another buzzing penny candidate, which is involved in providing commercial large-scale "Additive Metal Layering" 3D printing services. The Company’s shares have delivered a negative Year to date return of 41 per cent to its shareholders.

* Novatti Group (ASX:NOV) will acquire an approximately 19.9 per cent interest in the Company at a total acquisition price of approximately AU$22.5 million.

* FBR Ltd (ASX:FBR) has delivered a Year to date growth of around 7 per cent. FBR is involved in building dynamically stablised robots to address global needs.

* Constellations Technologies (ASX:CT1) has delivered a negative Year to date return of about 52 per cent.

* The Company’s stock has delivered a negative Year to date return of around 13 per cent, it is 22 per cent up over the last three months.





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