The Penny Picks || Top Six ASX Penny Stocks with Great Returns

The show details the buzzing penny stocks of the day, analyzes why they are doing so and places them in the context of the overall market scenario in Australia. Watch The Penny Picks on Kalkine TV and stay updated.

In our show today, we’re going to look at some of the ASX-listed penny stocks that you can invest in to earn great returns.

• The first company on our list today is Design Milk. This company is into modern design, digital media, ecommerce, and consumer industries. Shares of Design Milk have delivered a year-to-date return of 4,100 percent.

• Next company on our list today is Venturex Resources. It is in the business of Mid-Tier Base Metals in Australia. The company has two main projects – Sulphur Springs Project and Whim Creek Project.

• Bioxyne is the next penny stock that we think has a great potential. It is engaged in providing health and wellness products. The company’s shares have surged 190 percent so far this year. 

• The next company on our list today is IXUP. It is a data software firm. It facilitates secure sharing and analysis of sensitive data using advanced encryption technology. IXUP shares have surged by 650 percent in the last one year.

• Now let’s look at Michael Hill International formerly known as Michael Hill New Zealand. Shares of Michael Hill International, gave a return of 167 percent in the past year. The company retails jewellery and operates in other related services sector across three countries - New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.





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