The Penny Picks || Here’s Why Metals & Mining Penny Stocks Are Gaining Traction ?

The show details the buzzing penny stocks of the day, analyzes why they are doing so and places them in the context of the overall market scenario in Australia. Watch The Penny Picks on Kalkine TV and stay updated.

In our show today, we’re going to look at some of the hot metals & mining penny stocks under the spotlight .

• Let’s begin with the first penny stock under the radar - Venturex Resources.

• Venturex is in the business of Mid-Tier Base Metals in Australia. The stock of Venturex Resources rose by over 500 per cent this year as on 26 July.

Next on the list is Globe Metals & Mining – they’re engaged in developing specialty metals and minerals. Shares of Globe Metals & Mining surged by 200 per cent this year as of 26 July.

• Moving on to the next stock grabbing attention in the penny space – Pilbara Minerals are involved in exploration and mine development of lithium and tantalum.

• Shares of Pilbara Minerals surged over 100 per cent this year as on 26 July.

• Shares of Aldoro Resources surged over 200 per cent this year as of 26 July.

• Grange Resources stock has provided a return of 200% to its shareholders this year as of 26 July.

• Shares of Sovereign Metals surged close to 60 per cent this year as of 26 July.





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