Expert Talks with with Mr. Charlie Karaboga, CEO, RelayPay.

Welcome you all to “Executive corner - Expert talks- 20 mins Round up with Mr. Charlie Karaboga, CEO, RelayPay.”  We bring to you industry leaders, successful business owners, Market and equity advocates all under one roof to help you discover the insights of the stock markets and help you understand how can one create multiple passive income streams! 

In today’s show we have Mr. Charlie Karaboga - CEO of RelayPay. offers Australia's first digital currency payments platform that allows digital currency holders to seamlessly shop online, pay a bill, or perform a bank transfer using their crypto coins with just one click. Welcome Charlie, pleasure e-meeting you with over 10 years’ experience at the helm of product and delivery teams in Europe and Australia, including as the Head of Product at Australia’s own Synthetix, I’m sure you are keen to hear from him directly.





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