Houston We Have (ASX:HWH) shares close strong on a strategic partnership


  • Houston We Have, has announced a partnership between ECHOiQ and Extential Solutions.
  • The partnership aims to deliver transformational solutions for clinical cardiology diagnostics.
  • The stocks HWH was spotted trading at AU$0.170 per share on ASX.

ASX-listed Software Company Houston We Have (ASX:HWH) has announced a strategic partnership between ECHOiQ and Extential Solutions Pty Ltd (Extential), a new generation capability partner, who provide a variety of products and services with a key focus on Health Informatics. It is to be noted that ECHO IQ was acquired by the AI Company Houston We Have earlier this year.

The partnership between the duo aims to deliver transformational solutions for clinical cardiology diagnostics by utilising Extential’s established reporting and data analytics platforms and integrating them with ECHOIQ’s AI.

Extential is an existing development and delivery partner of FUJIFILM Australia (FFAU), part of one of the leading medical imaging informatics organisations worldwide.

ECHOiQ’s technology provides an at-risk probability for severe aortic stenosis (AS). The agreement with Extential has been signed to integrate ECHOiQ’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Enhanced Screening Program (ESP) technology with current echocardiogram reporting and data analytics software provided by Extential. The typical diagnosis journey for patients exhibiting common cardiac symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue and chest pain often includes being sent for an Echocardiogram. This is a form of heart ultrasound where sonographers collect a series of measurements of the heart including chamber sizes, volume, and function and blood flow velocities in multiple areas of the heart. These measurements are then captured, along with the relevant images of the heart and held on a Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS).

The objective of the strategic partnership agreement between ECHOiQ and Extential is to set out the terms and operating conditions under which the Parties wish to collaborate with the aim of integrating ECHOiQ’s AI into Extential’s platforms.

Bottom Line:

This exciting collaboration between Extential and ECHOiQ is expected to enhance and improve the diagnostic identification of patients at risk of aortic stenosis - one of the most common, and highly treatable, forms of heart valve disease.





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