A look at three ASX stocks as the EdTech market heats up

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A look at three ASX stocks as the EdTech market heats up

 A look at three ASX stocks as the EdTech market heats up
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  • The global EdTech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~20% from 2021 to 2028.
  • 3P Learning entered into a Share Sale Agreement to acquire 100% of the equity in Blake.
  • OECD accredited Janison Education as the exclusive provider for the PISA for Schools assessment in the UK.
  • TALi Digital started the marketing and advertising campaign with the Times Group of India.

The COVID-19 outbreak has fuelled three crucial trends for Australian learning in the EdTech (education technology) space. The first trend is remote learning, while the second is an improved investment in education technology. The third is micro-credentials, in which a person upgrades his/her existing skills. EdTech refers to the technology that allows collaboration in an active learning environment.

E-learning space is expected to grow considerably in the future. (Source: © Alexandersikov | Megapixl.com)

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The growth in digitisation has made people's life more comfortable and accessible. COVID-19 gave a boost to online learning, with people moving to e-books and tutorial videos. With further advancement in digital technology, EdTech space is likely to grow in the coming years.

Experts believe that the technology would evolve further with the rise in other technologies like the Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, and virtual reality. In 2020, the EdTech market stood at ~US$90 billion. It is predicted to grow at a CAGR of ~20% during the period 2021 - 2028.

Some key name from this space includes 3P Learning (ASX:3PL), Janison Education (ASX:JAN), ReadyTech Holdings (ASX:RDY), Family Zone Cyber Safety (ASX:FZO), TALi Digital (ASX:TD1), IDP Education (ASX:IEL), G8 Education (ASX:GEM), and 8VI Holdings (ASX:8VI)

This article will take you through 3 of these players - 3P Learning, Janison Education, and TALi Digital.

3P Learning Limited

3P Learning Limited aims to create a place where students, families and faculties can enjoy learning. It is the global leader in online learning for school-aged students.

On 12 April 2021, the Company entered into a Share Sale Agreement with the sellers under which 3PL would acquire 100% of the equity in Blake in exchange for issuing 137.0 million shares in 3PL. Blake is a privately owned and publisher of online education products (pre-K to year 10 students) and is domiciled in Australia.

Through this merger, there would be a huge scale, high-growth, global EdTech platform with ownership of a comprehensive product suite & varied channel mix.

In 1H FY2021 updates, 3PL’s CEO Rebekah O'Flaherty highlighted that the Company's strategy supported the business in gaining momentum. 3PL witnessed significant growth of 26%, 58% and 58% in underlying EBITDA, underlying NPAT, and underlying EPS, respectively.

Janison Education Group Limited

Janison Education Group is the leading provider of integrated learning and digital assessment platform and linked services.

On 19 May 2021, the Company announced that it was accredited by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) as the exclusive provider for the PISA for Schools assessment in the UK, covering all four nations – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. With this, the coverage of JAN expanded to six nations as the National Service provider for overall delivery of PISA-for-Schools.

Source: © Arcady31 | Megapixl.com

Janison is the global partner of OECD for the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for Schools evaluation globally. In Australia, JAN surpassed 200 Australian schools on the PISA for school programs.

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TALi Digital Limited

TALi Digital Limited is a prominent health technology business that aims to increase attention in early childhood via its TALi platform. It combines evidence-based proprietary algorithms within a game-based program to evaluate and improve core attention skills.

The Company received US$2million from Times Group investment in December 2020 and worked towards the initiation of marketing and advertising campaigns during Q3 FY2021. As per the announcement on 12 April 2021, the Company started the marketing and advertising campaign with the Times Group of India. In the US and Asia, the Company progressed commercial partnership opportunities.

Source: © Ivelinr | Megapixl.com           

The Company raised AU$3.85 million to fast-track its expansion in the global market. By the end of Q3 FY2021, the Company had net cash of AU$3.85 million.

Stock Information (As of 21 May 2021)


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