3 Medical imaging stocks for 2022 - TLX, RHT, CYC

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3 Medical imaging stocks for 2022 - TLX, RHT, CYC

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  • The rising health issues in the present times have increased the demand for medical imaging stocks.
  • Medical imaging helps clinicians to identify any medical issues within the body.
  • TLX, RHT, CYC are three stocks from the medical imaging space that are gaining attention.

As health issues rise worldwide, medical imaging technologies have played a vital role in treating patients better. Through medical imaging, doctors can see a clear picture of what is happening within the human body. As a result, they can identify any disease, from developing to an advanced stage.

In this article, we have selected three stocks from this space with a positive outlook for 2022.

Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX:TLX)

Telix Pharmaceuticals is a late-stage radiopharmaceutical company. It develops a broad portfolio of diagnostic and therapeutic assets with the help of Molecularly Targeted Radiation (MTR). Currently, TLX is developing a pipeline of MTR products to image & cure cancer.

O2 November 2021, the Company announced that TGA approved its Illuccix®, TLX’s lead prostate cancer imaging product. Illuccix is a positron emission tomography agent used for the diagnostic imaging of patients who have prostate cancer.

The Company considers this as a major achievement in prostate cancer management in recent years.

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Resonance Health Limited (ASX:RHT)

Resonance Health is an Australian healthcare technology and services company. It focuses on the development and distribution of non-invasive medical imaging software & services.

Clinicians use RHT’s products in diagnosis and human disease management. In September 2021 quarter, the Company mentioned developing its business plan and capability to drive future growth based on its product suite, excellent technical reputation, solid market position, and revenue base.

During the September quarter, the Company highlighted that the demand for its products and services were strong, surpassing sales volume achieved in 2019 and 2020.

On 13 October 2021, the Company announced that its newest AI medical device, LiverSmart is undergoing a final quality check before submission to the United States FDA for regulatory clearance.

Cyclopharm Limited (ASX:CYC)

Cyclopharm is an established Australian radiopharmaceutical company in the diagnostic imaging field specialising in lungs health. The company has achieved its position via its proprietary medical device and pharmaceutical products, Technegas™.

CYC distributes its products in 60 different nations globally with more than 1500 nuclear medicine departments using Technegas™.

At present, Cyclopharm continues to fund clinical trials that are researching new uses for Technegas™, including the diagnosis & checking of COPD, asthma, and other respiratory disease states.

CYC is optimistic about the outlook of Technegas™. The Board believes that the demand for Technegas™ would grow in the coming period across existing markets.

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Bottom Line:

With various companies involved in enhancing medical imaging for better treatment, this healthcare space looks promising for investors to look at in 2022.


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