Seamless livestreaming of aerial imagery with Aerologix

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Seamless livestreaming of aerial imagery with Aerologix

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  • Aerologix is a fast-emerging top choice for business for its valuable real time visuals and high-quality drone that can be ordered at any time, anywhere.
  • Through seamless livestreaming of aerial imagery, Aerologix has maximised and revolutionised the use of Australian airspace.
  • AeroLive is a deep tech feature developed by Aerologix, which allows clients to see what the pilot sees, in real time.

Steered by the goal to be Australia’s mission control for drones, Aerologix is providing fast and affordable drone data solutions through its expansive drone pilot network that spans across the country. Aided by advancements in technology and communications, Aerologix has not only made Australian skies accessible to businesses but has also enabled the delivery of valuable real time data to anyone, anywhere.

Aerologix ensures its clients receive the finest quality aerial imagery and videos. It has now gained immense experience in managing and delivering prominent projects of varied sizes with a large client base of customers across various industries, from telecommunications to real estate and more.

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AeroLive: Deep tech feature for real-time aerial imagery of highest standard

AeroLive is a new software feature developed by Aerologix that allows livestreaming from the drone pilot to the client. The software is compatible with all DJI drones. Using this software, pilots can provide livestreaming to clients from multiple locations. The drone footage is streamed directly to the client enterprise portal, allowing clients to collaborate and discuss with the pilot in real time. It is a perfect tool to monitor live traffic flow, emergency services, or inspect critical infrastructure.

With all the industry-leading tech tools, Aerologix is fast emerging as a prime source of drone data anytime, anywhere. By using the client portal, clients can select a pilot from a network of over 800 professional pilots across Australia and access valuable drone data for their project. It gives them absolute control of their project at every step of the way.

Large-scale benefits of real time access to drone data

Aerologix is one of Australia’s top-ranked drone network and aerial imaging solutions providers and continues to deliver exceptional results to its clients. The company’s livestreaming feature has added a striking element to aerial imaging projects. Some of the advantages of unlimited real time access to drone data are as follows:

  • Live drone data and insights can significantly prevent massive catastrophic occurrences, such as the 2020 Australian bushfire season.
  • In the agriculture sector, live stream drone insights and footage of crops can be a great help for gathering consequential information such as crop stress and insect activity.
  • With Aerologix's full-circle property management solution, one can access real time drone data and ensure round-the-clock surveillance of their property. For example, one can conduct roof inspections and monitor parking lot security from anywhere with drone insights.
  • Real time drone visuals help in preliminary site analysis. One can check work delivery and its quality at construction sites, supervise ongoing tasks and monitor progress from anywhere with Aerologix live stream flight plans.
  • Traffic Management becomes a lot easier with real time visuals from a distance. It efficiently decreases congestion, ensures quick response time in case of road mishaps and resolves several other traffic issues.


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All Aerologix clients gain access to high quality drone visuals and data through the Aerologix client web portal. It allows clients to access all the information regarding their project in one place, including highly detailed analytics and visual progress reports.

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