Mount Burgess Mining reports busy December Quarter

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Mount Burgess Mining reports busy December Quarter

MTB Quarterly Report
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  • During the quarter ending 31 December 2021, Mount Burgess conducted diamond core drilling at the Nxuu Deposit, which is a shallow basin-shaped polymetallic deposit.
  • Mineralogical Test Work was conducted to determine the host mineral for Germanium.
  • The metallurgical test work will facilitate the Company to determine a potential process route, which, would form the basis for a Pre-feasibility Study planned in 2022.

Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX:MTB) has released its quarterly report for the period ending 31 December 2021. During the quarter, the Company’s exploration remained focussed on Nxuu and Kihabe polymetallic deposits in Botswana. Notably, MTB eyes to cash-in opportunities for a range of minerals and thus continues to advance flurry of initiatives.

In line with its commitment, the December quarter saw diverse undertakings ranging from exploration to test works, expected to underpin Pre-feasibility study in 2022. Mount Burgess’ cash and cash equivalents at end of December 2021 quarter was AU$315, 000. With this backdrop, let us look at the key highlights of the December Quarter.

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Diamond Core Drilling at the Nxuu Deposit

During the quarter diamond core drilling was conducted at the Nxuu Deposit, which is a shallow basin-shaped polymetallic deposit hosting mineralisation of Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Silver (Ag), Vanadium (V), Gallium (Ga) and Germanium (Ge) within a totally oxidised quartz wacke, situated in a barren dolostone basin.

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The diamond core drilling consisted of:

  • Four PQ3 diamond core holes were drilled, totalling 141.62m
  • Twenty-one HQ3 diamond core holes were drilled totalling 907.94m
  • Of the twenty-five holes, six holes were drilled to twin six of the original nineteen holes.

Moreover, the Company also drilled 28 holes prior to the drilling undertaken during the December Quarter.

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HQ and PQ Diamond Core for assaying

The Company is gearing up its preparation for assaying, with HQ core from drilling conducted during the December quarter being cut in half on site. This half core will be transported to South Africa, where it will undergo crushing, grounding, and splitting; and would subsequently be couriered to Australia for assaying. MTB intends to report all assay results to the market as they become available.

The following would be determined using the half PQ core together with portions of quarter HQ core:

  • Mineralogy for assessing the mineral assemblage’s economic liberation throughout the process.
  • Confirming previous test work and refining of process requirements for on-site recovery.

The metallurgical test work will facilitate the Company to determine a potential process route, which, would form the basis for a Pre-feasibility Study planned for later in 2022.

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Mineralogical Test Work for Host Mineral for Germanium

During the quarter, half HQ diamond core from the Kihabe Deposit oxide zone was sent to University of Tasmania where mineralogical test work would be undertaken. The test work would determine the host mineral for Germanium. Initial test work has shown that the highest content of Germanium is held by Muscovite-illite. Muscovite exists in the form of mica crystals which the Company expects to be reasonably easy to extract

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Further Mineralogical Test Work for Germanium and Gallium

The University of Tasmania has proposed to conduct further mineralogical test work on a larger composite sample which would help in verifying the initial Germanium results. Mount Burgess indicated the Company has sufficient sample available for conducting such test work for Germanium along with mineralogical test work for determining the host mineral for Gallium. Notably Germanium and Gallium occur in both the Nxuu and Kihabe Deposits.

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On 28 January 2022, MTB traded at A$0.006.


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