How is VAPAR facilitating simple and fast pipe condition assessments?

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How is VAPAR facilitating simple and fast pipe condition assessments?

Pipe Condition Assessment, VAPAR Solutions
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  • The pipeline infrastructure management faces a cost burden or potential risks if the pipe assessment is not rightly and timely done. 
  • VAPAR, a cloud platform, automates condition assessments directly from the CCTV footage of pipes.
  • The tracking of job status on the platform helps customers in the better allocation of resources where needed. 

Ensuring effective pipeline infrastructure has remained a challenge for years, putting a significant cost burden on councils, utilities, and contractors. In addition, the stakeholders often face dilemmas concerning the right time for replacement, identifying if excessive usage has eroded the pipe before its lifetime and assessing any potential threats due to pipeline deterioration that can be mitigated.

Unfortunately, the human eye prone to fatigue and subjectivity is not suitable to assess defects in pipes that may run for thousands of miles. In this context, VAPAR operates to provide automatic recognition of varying defects in pipes, overcoming the challenges and leading to economic benefits. 

With this backdrop, let us explore how AI-powered VAPAR provides simple and fast pipe condition assessments. 

What is VAPAR?

Founded in January 2018, VAPAR is a cloud platform that automates condition assessments directly from the CCTV footage of pipes. It automates, standardises, and centralises pipe condition assessments, thereby helping councils, utilities, and contractors save time and allocate pipe maintenance expenditure with maximum efficiency.

The Company's mission is to provide the right technology that eliminates repetitive manual tasks and ensures convenient and effective infrastructure management.

In addition, VAPAR is committed to working alongside its customers on their significant infrastructure management challenges to provide compelling solutions through its latest technology.  

How does it work?

VAPAR offers reliable and consistent pipe condition assessments at a much faster pace. The overall process of assessing pipe condition involves three simple and convenient steps, including:

  1. Customers upload their pipe CCTV footage to VAPAR's cloud platform from anywhere
  2. The AI-powered solution automatically processes the inspection for customers' review
  3. Customers export their deliverables, store all data, and share results using a secure link

Cloud-based sharing, AI-driven, VAPAR Solutions

Source: VAPAR Website

VAPAR digitalises and centralises the pipe assessment and repair process. Moreover, intuitive still frame view and drop-down options ensure that the review process is faster compared to examining a full inspection video.

What key benefits does it offer?

Powered by machine learning, VAPAR.Solutions™ automatically codes inspection footage to identify and classify defects. 

The customers can manage their asset inspections with the new workflow manager by tracking all job statuses within the platform. It eventually helps in better allocation of resources where needed. 

All assessment processes are done from one intuitive platform, which eliminates the need for external storage to hold inspection data files. Furthermore, cloud-based storage sharing using Microsoft Azure cloud is secure, and customers can conveniently share their results internally or externally with a secure link.

VAPAR solutions, powered by AI, continue to provide a fast, convenient, and much simpler process to evaluate the condition of pipes. In addition, it helps councils, utilities, and contractors to tailor their solutions and allocate resources as per the requirements highlighted by the AI-driven smart solutions. 

Currently, the platform processes more than 200,000 metres of wastewater infrastructure for number of clients across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


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