EarlyBirds considers disruptive innovation as key to solving COVID-19 problems, seeks partners for collaboration


  • The outbreak of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe, with notable loss in employment and livelihood.
  • EarlyBirds suggests that disruptive innovations can be used to open the global economy safely.
  • The EarlyBirds Challenger framework helps in breaking down the pandemic problem into logical components to solve the problem.

For nearly a year and a half now, we have been hearing and talking about the dislocation in the international economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid such turmoil, countless people have lost their livelihood due to lockdowns, resulting in the dramatic decline in domestic as well as international economic activity.

The extent to which the global economy has been battered can be assessed from the fact that that the pandemic has obliterated the progress made during 10 years of job expansion in the US, as stated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Also, around 8.9% of people were reported to be out of work at the end of the year.

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Besides this, there has been a huge human cost of the pandemic, with more than 4 million deaths. An even greater impact is seen on the mental health and wellbeing of the survivors who either find themselves handicapped by the effects of the virus or are struggling to eke out a living in the new normal.

Disruptive innovation for opening global economy

EarlyBirds is a company that brings together early adopters and subject matter experts with innovators, including start-ups, scale-ups and mature businesses across a wide variety of industries.

EarlyBirds has suggested the use of disruptive innovations to open the global economy safely. The Company further insists on the use of hybrid actionable solutions, which can ensure that a nation is operating while managing the society effectively.

These hybrid solutions will help in opening a country while preventing any additional effects on its economy and can be achieved using a trial of innovative solutions across various areas.

Talking about the impact of the pandemic and the way forward, a spokesperson for EarlyBirds stated the following:

Source: EarlyBirds Website

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Considering the pandemic as a “wicked problem”, the co-founders of EarlyBirds, Kris Poria and Jeff Penrose, highlighted the significance of disruptive innovation in mitigating the adverse effects caused by the virus.

The company’s co-founders said:

“We know this is a wicked problem to solve while we are working through the vaccination programs and various evolving strains but unfortunately many states governments and countries have not been looking at how disruptive innovation could assist us. While we know this will be a challenging task, EarlyBirds is open to explore this with a right partner who can collaborate with us on this journey”.

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Dissecting the problem to come to a solution

Furthermore, the Company believes that with the pandemic presenting a complex challenge, one can’t fathom a silver bullet solution to this crisis and there is a need to break the problem into logical components. Making use of the EarlyBirds Challenger framework, the company has proposed four key components of the issue at hand, which are as following:

  • Virus Management
  • Vaccination Management
  • Quarantine Management
  • Society Operations

The Company believes that these components are interlinked and hence, activity in each component can affect the other ones positively or adversely.

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The classification of the problem helps in identifying a challenge or an opportunity where disruptive innovation can help find the solution via new ways of doing things and new business models.

EarlyBirds is keen to solve this challenge and remains open to partner with states, nations, and industries to collaboratively solve the same.

EarlyBirds has urged interested parties to approach them through the Company’s website and discover more about the Company and its services at earlybirds.io.





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