First guard against COVID-19: Buy N95 masks online

Face masks have been playing the part of a saviour for humans far and wide during the COVID-19 pandemic. From serving as the first and foremost guard against the virus to being one of the most effective ways to control virus transmission, face masks are here to stay at least as long as we don’t bid farewell to the virus.

Among all the variety of masks available in the markets across the globe, N95 has become one essential element on everyone’s personal protective equipment (PPE) kit.

N95 respirators are types of particulate filter respirators (PFR), which are capable of decreasing wearer’s respiratory exposure to airborne contaminants, including particles, gases, and vapours. However, it is important to note that N95 masks are going to serve the purpose only when there is a tight seal between the mask and the face.

Get your N95 from an online store!

  1. Clinical Supplies

For all your bulk mask buys, Clinical Supplies is a go-to store. It is an Australia-based online store with a broad supply chain of masks to medical centres, hospitals, as well as front line workers. It has its distribution warehouse located in Canberra. All the orders placed on the portal can be easily tracked online.

  1. Clear Collective

At Clear Collective, you will find masks available in all sizes, including the ones that are a perfect fit for kids. The site offers free shipping on all orders. Also, customers can avail Afterpay service for payments. The site allows its customers to avail options such as Same Day, Express and Overnight Delivery as per their need.

Wear it right to stay protected

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  1. Australian Mask Specialist

When you buy masks from Australian Mask Specialist, you stay assured of a high-standard quality. The shopping experience remains seamless and hassle-free on the site for its user-friendly interface. Also, Australian Mask Specialist allows its customers to enjoy an easy and stress-free return facility.

  1. QUBE

QUBE is one of the leading import and export logistics providers in Australia. The quality of all respiratory masks on the portal are checked and reassured by its procurement division. The 4-layered masks have adjustable nose clips for better fit. The masks offer users 95% protection from particulate matter.

  1. eBay

eBay offers a wide range of masks, including N95 masks. Buying masks on eBay will fetch you additional discounts. The sellers on the site keep posting great sale offers on the site. Also, you can save big on placing a bulk order on this shopping platform.

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