VAPAR Innovation PTY LTD (ASX:unlisted)


VAPAR Innovation PTY LTD uses a cloud platform to automate fault detection in pipes. The Company’s cloud platform directly assesses pipe condition from its CCTV footage, saving significant time and efforts that go into pipe infrastructure management.

VAPAR was founded in January 2018 by two Australian engineers- Amanda Siqueira and Michelle Aguilar with an aim to automate manual tasks in asset management. The Company’s mission is to deliver the right technology that aids in eliminating repetitive manual tasks associated with infrastructure management.

Since its inception, the Company has received funding of more than AU$1.2 million from Australian federal government, state government of New South Wales, and some of Australia’s most ambitious investors.

Currently, the VAPAR platform processes more than 200,000 metres of wastewater infrastructure for its client base across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. With its partnership with industry experts who hold significant knowledge and experience, VAPAR uses its compelling technology to deliver benefits directly to water authorities. 

Overview of VAPAR Solutions

Using the VAPAR platform is a convenient three-step process, which involves:

  • Uploading the CCTV footage of pipe to VAPAR's cloud platform from anywhere
  • Automatic processing of inspections using the AI producing results for review
  • The user can export deliverables, store all data, share results using a secure link


The users can manage their asset inspections with the new workflow manager to track all their job status within the platform. It allows them to make better decisions when it comes to allocation of resources.

The platform uses Microsoft Azure cloud to secure storage sharing and thus consumers can use the secure link to share results internally or externally.

Benefits of VAPAR solutions

VAPAR delivers superior accuracy in the tracking of maintenance and repair requirements for pipe infrastructure. It helps contractors, councils, and utilities in saving time and allocating pipe maintenance expenditure with maximum efficiency.

Moreover, the efficient and streamlined workflow offered by VAPAR during sewer or stormwater inspections can help asset engineers and project managers to achieve more, in less time.

Contact Information

company address 9 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

company email[email protected]

company website

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