Jaaims Australia Pty Ltd (ASX:unlisted)


Jaaims is a sophisticated investing app that helps users to invest like a Pro through automated online trading application.

The application is powered by artificial intelligence algorithm that simplifies stock selection and trade execution through analysing, predicting, and making calculated trades on behalf of the users and as per the users’ choice.

By using a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, Jaaims automatically buys and sells shares and eliminates the emotion related risk that users generally face while making trading decisions.

Key features of Jaaims application:

The AI technology enabled platform helps in protecting the investments of users during a dip in the market and draw benefits for users when the time is correct.

Jaaims offers portfolios that align with the needs of the customers, including its flagship, The Smart Portfolio, along with advanced portfolio management where users can have full control.

Jaaims connects with the broker that users prefer to automate trade execution in accordance with the user’s preset instructions and professional subscribers can have access to full-service offering and a dedicated account manager.

Through Jaaims, users can trade from more than 1,000 stocks from across the globe using the artificial intelligence algorithm that helps in selecting stocks and executing trades.

Jaaims is packed with sophisticated trading indicators that help in enhancing the investing performance of users while predicting the market volatility and screening bullish momentum.

Jaaims also allows its users to keep up with the key market developments related to the stocks of their choice. Users can filter according to geographies and create preferences of what to view.

All in all, the Jaaims platform is a modern age revolutionary tool to automate and enhance the trading experience for new as well as experienced investors and traders while delivering value.

Contact Information

company phone+612 7908 0292

company email[email protected]

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