A flick through ASX small-cap stocks from retail space

By - Aditi Sarkar


  • Retail is an important aspect of the daily life of modern people.
  • Many retail businesses have been moving towards digital platforms amid changing consumer preference.

The sale of goods and services to the ultimate consumer is known as retail business. The retail industry supports the country’s economy and creates additional workplaces.

Against this backdrop, we at Kalkine Media® will discuss some of the ASX-listed small-cap stocks operating in the retail space.

My Foodie Box Limited (ASX:MBX)

The food technology and logistics business ended FY22 with a 56% increase in active subscriber base (Dec21 to Jun22). Despite COVID-19 constraints, the company maintained its operations and boosted its local brand presence.

The company has laid out the following key developments for the upcoming period:

Last month in September, the company partnered with Wide Open Agriculture. Under the partnership formalised by My Foodie Box and Dirty Clean Food, these companies will develop an exclusive variety of ready-to-eat product lines. These are planned to include the first commercial products featuring Dirty Clean Food’s Buntine Protein™. The companies have also decided to work together to expand into the Eastern States.

Story-i Limited (ASX:SRY)

Story-i Limited operates through its Indonesian subsidiary, PT Inetindo Infocom, an Apple premium reseller and IT lifestyle product retailer.

The company witnessed a 59.1% increase in revenue to AU$26.04 million in the second half of FY22. Overall, its FY22 revenue stood at AU$42.41 million, 1.2% higher than FY21.

The company’s gross operating margins increased from 14.3% to 14.6%. The company attributes this growth to the contribution from service and maintenance as well as improvement in online sales.