What Distinguishes Marketech Focus in the Highly Competitive Market for Online Trading Platforms

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  • The days where traders had to call their brokers and order to buy and sell stocks have long gone.
  • In the digital era, traders have shifted to simple and convenient ways of trading through online trading platforms.
  • ASX trading platform Marketech Focus allows users to access ultra-low rates of brokerage while having control of their investments.
  • Marketech Focus is the modern way of trading that keeps users up to date with Price & news alerts on the go and maintains transparency with live ASX pricing.

Past few years have been very significant for the transformation of financial markets where trading has become easy, quick, and efficient. Only someone living under the rock would not know about online trading of securities such as stocks, bonds, options, futures, mutual funds, ETFs as well as currencies.

The Changed Game of Online Trading

Online trading has emerged as a significant tool not only limited to buying and selling of shares but also for educating yourself on your investment options through interactive charts supported by research and also make significant money without leaving the comfort of your home or ever speaking to a broker.

Before the emergence of online trading, traders had to call brokers and give buy or sell commands in order to make a trade. This obviously sounds a very tedious process, right? Moreover, this also caused several problems, especially delays in calling.

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Thankfully, the advent of internet technology into financial markets has transformed the way investors trade for their investments. More importantly, it is said that investors never had so much control over their investments as they have now through online trading. In addition to this, investors have the autonomy to

Notably, online trading has also reduced costs for both traders as well as investors, especially through the elimination of middleman, and investors can now buy and sell shares more quickly in a hassle-free way.

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Marketech Focus: Modern-day Trading Platform for ASX Traders

Modern-day traders are living a fast-moving life and have on the go attitude for doing things in day to day life. Same goes with their trading decisions, where traders like to trade with convenience and like to stay up to date with the activities that can possibly impact his/her investments.

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Online trading platform, Marketech Focus stands out from many other online trading platforms is the similar layout and design offered throughout desktop as well mobile app. More interestingly, Marketech Focus allows its users to log in to their account whenever and wherever they want to, regardless if they are at home or office or travelling.

On top of that, users can do all this, while the format of Marketech Focus remains the same for the desktop as well as the mobile version.

Low Brokerage With a Wide Variety of Features

Furthermore, online trading has significantly brought down the prices of trading securities by eliminating the costs associated with the broker. Presently, investors have on the go access to their accounts, increased control over their investments and all this at prices lower than before.

Marketech Focus is an intelligent ASX trading platform that is uniquely positioned because of its low brokerage with No hidden fees, no lock-in contracts and no interest scraping. Moreover, users can have full access from $45 per month, and the platform is still packed with features in its lowest-cost version, which a casual user would think of as a standard.

Marketech Focus also allows users to pay for what they need and keeps the costs minimum. Another distinctive feature of Marketech Focus is that it facilitates the purchase of the user’s own shares which are held in their name at OpenMarkets on their Holder Identifier Number so that users can maintain control and ownership of their shares, which should be the actual case.

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Users can begin trades from $5 with a low monthly subscription and can get started with as little as $500 through Marketech Focus.

At such low pricing, Marketech Focus offers distinctive features, including intuitive trading app, live ASX pricing, trade with any device and from anywhere, price & news alerts on the go. Trading on a stock market is no more a buy and sell game. Modern-day traders like to stay up to date with market events as the uncertain contemporary environment requires investors to be up to date with the latest developments that can impact investment decisions.

Through offering notifications when a user’s stocks fluctuate and providing updates on stocks which a user follows, Marketech Focus allows users to gain an edge to stay ahead of the curve in present highly volatile market situation.

In a nutshell, we have a long way where people want to make instant decisions and want to have more control over things. Online trading is one such feat where investors can now have greater control and access to their investments and at the same time enjoy less brokerage. Thanks to the modern-day, easy to use and intelligent trading platforms like Marketech Focus.

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