Skin Elements (ASX:SKN) to launch Eco Nurture in New Zealand; signs MOU with Accolade

By - Manisha


  • Skin Elements Limited has signed an MOU with New Zealand firm Accolade Packaging for exclusive distribution of SKN’s Eco Nurture plant bio stimulant into the sustainable horticulture industry of New Zealand.
  • After continuous research, SKN developed its SE Formula technology to create Eco Nurture, a sustainable horticultural plant bio stimulant.
  • Accolade conducted trials of Eco Nurture with kiwifruit vines in New Zealand and obtained positive results with better stress tolerance, wellness, and natural resilience levels of the kiwifruit vines.
  • Skin Elements has obtained ACVM class determination which means that Eco Nurture can be imported, marketed, distributed, sold or used in New Zealand.

ASX-listed natural skincare company Skin Elements Limited (ASX:SKN) and New Zealand packaging and distribution company Accolade Packaging Limited have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the exclusive distribution of Skin Elements Eco Nurture plant bio stimulant into New Zealand’s sustainable horticulture industry.

The MOU has been signed after Accolade concluded its own trial of the treatment of kiwifruit vines with the horticultural specific Eco Nurture. According to the firm, the trial results have been positive, confirming that the kiwifruit vines increased stress tolerance, wellness as well as natural resilience levels.

Under the terms of the agreement, SKN and Accolade can negotiate legally binding commercial terms for the exclusive distribution of ‘Eco Nurture’ in New Zealand and other markets in the agricultural and horticultural sectors. 

Data source: SKN update

Agreement terms and the opportunity

New Zealand-based privately owned packaging company, Accolade holds expertise in retail and wholesale product presentation. The firm offers packaging solutions to more than 300 clients from diverse segments of the industry.

Data source: SKN update

The New Zealand kiwifruit industry has more than 13,600 hectares in production.

New Zealand-based Zespri is one of the biggest leaders in the multi-billion-dollar kiwifruit industry, as per SKN update. Zespri delivers more than 200 million trays of kiwifruit, registering an annual revenue of NZD4 billion (FY21/22 annual report). Zespri is the mandated exclusive exporter (excluding to Australia) for all kiwifruit from New Zealand, asserts SKN.

Trial outcomes validate SE Formula technology efficacy

For the launch of Eco Nurture in New Zealand, Accolade fulfilled preliminary due diligence including trial testing on a 40-year-old kiwi fruit farm in Te Puna.

The 35-hectare farm has in it 17 hectares of total growing of the Hayward Green kiwifruit variety. The spray trial testing was done on 2 x 1 hectare blocks.

According to the company release, the blocks treated with regular copper-based spray showed acceptable management in PSA (pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae) activity. On treatment with Eco Nurture, the blocks showed better health and improved tolerance to external stress with no residual toxic accumulation.

Also, it was noticed that without Eco Nurture or copper treatment, the control blocks demonstrated continuous PSA activity, such as bud and leaf damage and liquid outbreaks on tree bark.

This is what Peter Malone, Executive Chairman of Skin Elements, commented on the development:
“The outstanding results that Eco Nurture has achieved is a further testament to the widespread efficacy of the SE Formula technology whilst maintaining natural and organic naturopathic principles. Eco Nurture, once approved by Zespri, will be ready for significant scale commercial application in the kiwifruit market with potential application in other markets.’

Mr Donald Baxter, Director of Accolade, also commented, saying “The testing of Eco Nurture during this past spraying season on selected blocks, has given Zespri and the farm the confidence to treat their entire orchard with a complete programme of Eco Nurture during the upcoming 2023 spraying season. Spraying activity is expected to be 5 to 6 times per year.”

ACVM Class Determination

Skin Elements doesn’t need to register under the ACVM Act (Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines), as it has secured a class determination as an agricultural compound from New Zealand Food Safety. It implies that Eco Nurture is open for import, marketing, distribution, sale as well as use in New Zealand as a plant bio stimulant, following the ACVM regulations.