EarlyBirds’ global ecosystem facilitates competitive advantage through early adoption of solutions

By - Ankit Sethi

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  • EarlyBirds’ award-winning platform is the meeting place for business leaders and innovators of new solutions
  • The company justifiably asserts there is a need of adoption of new technology like artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Innovation maps of EarlyBirds provides strategic and tactical insights for businesses for planning through to testing and trailing of new solutions

Not every innovation reaches success, but innovation underpins every development. For example, Microsoft's ground-breaking products that could power computers changed the face of computing technology, which contributed to Microsoft becoming a market leader. Another example cited by EarlyBirds -- an ecosystem to facilitate showcasing and adoption of new innovations -- is that of how early software developers made gains by realising the potential of Apple’s App Store during its initial stages.

Innovation is nothing but a new solution, and EarlyBirds, a global platform where business leaders can meet with innovators and adopt new solutions in their processes, is contributing toward making the field more liberalised, inclusive, and most importantly, result-oriented.


EarlyBirds acknowledges the role some innovators who contributed towards building the world that we know today. Tech company Microsoft changed computing by introducing MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System). Microsoft and other tech giants of today are reaping the benefits of being innovators and adopters of new solutions. In other words, business leaders that realise the future prospects of new solutions and adopt them in their processes always gain competitive advantage.

The other easily noticeable example is that of early software developers that jumped onto the Apple App Store bandwagon and developed solutions and reaped benefits at a time when competition was extremely limited. EarlyBirds states the estimate that over 4,000 apps are released every day on Google Play Store to drive a point home that early innovators and adopters are destined to win.

Source: EarlyBirds’ website

What is EarlyBirds?

It is a broad ecosystem, spanning multiple sectors, that enables business leaders to find and adopt solutions. Innovators are at the heart of the entire arrangement, with possibility to find early adopters of their groundbreaking ideas. The company realises the opportunity presented by new technology fronts like artificial intelligence (AI), which can be the primary growth driver in today's world. Even though the previously cited fronts like operating system for computers and mobile applications have reached maturity, altogether new fronts are wide open.

EarlyBirds notes that big corporates and startup founders are both facing technical and non-technical challenges in implementation of right innovation in their processes. Businesses are increasingly aspiring to incorporate solutions like AI software and hardware to become a disruptive force in the presently grandfathered industries.

How the business benefits?

The award-winning, open, and global innovation platform of EarlyBirds helps businesses acquire competitive edge by opening an opportunity to access, analyse and incorporate innovations to scale operations and stay ahead of other market participants. The dynamic innovation maps of EarlyBirds' provides strategic and tactical insights for businesses for planning through to testing and trailing of new solutions. For quick answers to business and technical challenges EarlyBirds offers it proven Challenger program. EarlyBirds' cofounder and COO Jeff Penrose has said that some innovations "completely change" customer expectations and "upend industries" in a very short time.

It is asserted that advantages of these powerful industry insights include solutions to wicked and complex problems, timely adoption and implementation of innovations that make processes more efficient and overcoming of supply chain obstacles.

Innovators and startup companies that have built promising solutions to industry problems can showcase their innovation and likely gain access to funding by using the 'Innovators' section of EarlyBirds website.