EarlyBirds is an Australia-based innovative firm. It is a privately held information services company bringing together innovators and early adopters. As a B2B platform, EarlyBirds enables the early exchange of value between tech innovators and early adopters or organisations that are looking for innovations and push for technology advancement.

Purpose of the Company

Committed to engaging society in actionable innovation, EarlyBirds provides a proactive, open ecosystem for Tech Innovators, Early Adopter leaders and Subject Matter Expert (SME) consultants.

Moreover, the Company supports a fail-fast, learn-faster approach to innovation while making all the right moves in order to enhance collaboration among Innovators, Early Adopters and SME consultants.

EarlyBirds’ Solutions

EarlyBirds offers multiple solutions for innovators and business, including the following:

  1. Early Birds Platform was launched in September 2019 and is a dedicated ecosystem for ongoing collaboration and exchange of actionable innovation. With the EarlyBirds platform, organisations can find and engage with Innovators that already have potential solutions to their business challenges.
  2. Challenger program aims at solving business challenges quickly by working with Independent SME consultants and Innovators. This program is designed to solve one Early Adopter business challenge at a time and then search for relevant innovators that meet the business, technical, commercial and risk requirements.
  3. Another EarlyBirds’ key offering is the Explorer program which intends to expose the latest tech disruptive solutions on a regular basis to a business function or the whole organisation. This innovative program is designed for businesses that need innovation as a service to supplement current innovation programs or to execute innovation projects as needed.

These programs from EarlyBirds help in dramatically shortening the innovation life cycle, especially when the organisations developing solutions in the past might be unaware of what is available in the market.

Soon after its launch, EarlyBirds started gaining traction in the market, with SMEs beginning to onboard. Since then, the Big Data pool has offered access to more than a million innovators, and the Company’s Executives and Advisory Board team started to expand.  

EarlyBirds is well on track towards developing a worldwide open innovation ecosystem by bringing together SME Consultants, Innovators and Early Adopters organisations. 

Contact Information

Address:  Australia, Aus 2000, AU

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