Raiden Resources Limited (ASX:RDN)
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AUD 0.0065

0.0005 (8.333%)
(As on 2022-12-08 20:57:14 AEDT)
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0.006 0.007 0.0065
Market Cap Dividend Yield (Annualized)
AUD 10.755M 0.00%

Day Range
0.0065L 0.007 H
0.005962963L 0.0204444444 H

Chart Price & Information

Last Trade 0.0065
Change% 8.3333
52 W H/L 0.020/0.006
EBITDA -4.783M
NPAT After Abnormal Items -4.786M
Equity 12.461M
ROE% -38.41%
Total Liabilities 424,371
Total Revenue 0
Cash and Cash Equivalents 536,163

Stock Information

Share price 0.0065
Market Cap 10.755M
Price/Gross Cash Flow -3.39
Dividend Yield Excluding Special 0.00%
Ending Shares 1.417B
52-Week Range 0.020-0.006
Gross DPS (AUD) 0
Gross Dividend Yield (Annualized) 0.00%
Earnings Yield 0.000
Net Tangible Asset (NTA) 0.01
P/E ratio 0.000
Sector P/E --
EPS -0.36
Net Profit Margin (%) --
Gross Cash Flows Per Share -0.00
Net Gearing -4.30%
Sales Per Share 0.00
Book Value Per Share 0.01

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About Company

Raiden Resources Limited (ASX:RDN / DAX:YM4) is a gold and copper exploration and development company with assets in Eastern Europe and Australia. Raiden owns premium porphyry and high-grade epithermal deposits of Copper-Gold in the Western Tethyan Belt of Serbia and Bulgaria, besides holding gold deposits in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Raiden operates four gold projects in the Pilbara region- Arrow, Yandicoogina, Mt Sholl and Boodalyerrie. The Company is the sole operator of all four tenements.  The historical drilling data indicates a potential of high-grade gold mineralisation on the tenements, and the Company is moving aggressively to unlock the values of the assets.

In Eastern Europe, Raiden holds tier 1 mineral deposits on the Tethyan Belt, stretching from Bulgaria to Serbia. In Bulgaria, the Company operates – Vuzel, Kalabak, Zlatusha and BG1 projects. The Company also holds the largest landholding in the Western Srednogorie district. The landholding is highly prospective.

Raiden holds four tenements in Serbia- Majdanpek West, Tolisnica & Stanca, Zupa and Donje Nevlje. Raiden is actively pursuing further acquisitions across the prospective belts of Western Tethyan.

Raiden holds strategic landholdings in a globally significant gold province. The Tethyan Belt is among the trending exploration regions where the company owns a large ground footprint. The Tethyan Belt is considered to be underexplored with potential for major breakthroughs. The projects in Serbia and Bulgaria are  endowed with a good quality infrastructure. Also, the mining laws and regulations there are fairly favourable to the mining companies.

Corporate Information

108 Outram Street, WEST PERTH, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6005

Phone:(08) 6158 9990



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Report (Quarterly) 2023-10-26 2023
Report (Annual) 2023-09-29 2023
Report (Quarterly) 2023-07-28 2023
Report (Quarterly) 2023-04-28 2023
Report (Quarterly) 2023-01-26 2023