Arcadia Minerals Limited (ASX:AM7)
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(As on 2023-05-04 09:00:17 AEDT)
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0.2 0.195 0.2
Market Cap Dividend Yield (Annualized)
AUD 17.1M 0.00%

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0.19L 0.2 H
0.13L 0.48 H

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Last Trade 0.2
Change% 0.0000
52 W H/L 0.480/0.130
EBITDA -2.909M
NPAT After Abnormal Items -2.084M
Equity 13.752M
ROE% -14.53%
Total Liabilities 107,422
Total Revenue 0
Cash and Cash Equivalents 2.84M

Stock Information

Share price 0.2
Market Cap 17.1M
Price/Gross Cash Flow -7.19
Dividend Yield Excluding Special 0.00%
Ending Shares 85.5M
52-Week Range 0.480-0.130
Gross DPS (AUD) 0
Gross Dividend Yield (Annualized) 0.00%
Earnings Yield 0.000
Net Tangible Asset (NTA) 0.17
P/E ratio 0.000
Sector P/E --
EPS -2.44
Net Profit Margin (%) --
Gross Cash Flows Per Share -0.02
Net Gearing -20.65%
Sales Per Share 0.00
Book Value Per Share 0.17

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About Company

Arcadia Minerals Limited (ASX: AM7) is a Guernsey-based investment company established to acquire interests in four exploration projects in Namibia and continue developing value through ongoing exploration and further studies after the company is listed. Arcadia's main emphasis is to continue exploring the Swanson Project and moving forward with the Karibib, Kum-Kum, and Bitterwasser Projects. In addition, the business wants to look at further exploration opportunities in Namibia.

Kum-Kum Project: The Kum Kum Intrusive Suite of Orange River Pegmatite (Pty) Ltd is divided into two project zones. To the west of the Kum Kum, Intrusive Suite is the Tantalite Valley Igneous Complex mafic and ultramafic mineralisation area. The Kum-Kum Suite area is covered by the third EPL, EPL 5047, and two Exclusive Prospecting Licences (E 6940 and 7295). EPL 5047 also covers the Swanson Tantalum Project and the Tantalite Valley Igneous Complex. Project Karibib: Through its Exclusive Prospecting License, EPL 4663, Goas Pegmatite Exploration (Pty) Ltd (Goas) owns the Karibib Project, which covers 40 986 hectares in central Namibia's Erongo District. The EPL is about 45 kilometres south of Karibib, 135 kilometres west north-west of Windhoek, and 130 kilometres east-north-east of Namibia's port city of Walvis Bay. Swanson Project: Orange River Pegmatite (Pty) Ltd (ORP), a Namibian firm, holds an Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL 5047) in Namibia's Karas Region, about 15 kilometres north of the Orange River. On the site, there are numerous well-mineralised pegmatites.

Corporate Information

108 Outram Street WEST PERTH WA 6005

Phone:+61 8 6158 9990



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