Clean TeQ Water Limited (ASX:CNQ)
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AUD 0.62

0.035 (5.983%)
(As on 2022-08-09 19:55:46 AEDT)
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0.585 0.58 0.62
Market Cap Dividend Yield (Annualized)
AUD 27.693M

Day Range
0.58L 0.62 H
0.345L 0.965 H

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Last Trade 0.62
Change% 5.9829
52 W H/L 0.965/0.345
NPAT After Abnormal Items 0
Equity 0
Total Liabilities 0
Total Revenue 0
Cash and Cash Equivalents 0

Stock Information

Share price 0.62
Market Cap 27.693M
Price/Gross Cash Flow
Dividend Yield Excluding Special
Ending Shares 0
52-Week Range 0.965-0.345
Gross DPS (AUD) 0
Gross Dividend Yield (Annualized)
Earnings Yield 0.000
Net Tangible Asset (NTA)
P/E ratio 0.000
Sector P/E
Net Profit Margin (%)
Gross Cash Flows Per Share
Net Gearing
Sales Per Share
Book Value Per Share

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About Company

Clean TeQ Water Limited (CNQ) is one of Australia's technology companies in the water treatment and resource recovery space. The services are provided to governments and companies. The technology solutions include desalination, nutrient removal, zero liquid discharge and hardness removal. The company has offices and laboratories in Melbourne, Beijing and Tianjin, and partnerships covering Africa, the Middle East and North Africa regions and Latin America.


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