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(As on 2022-12-07 12:01:28 AEDT)
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Market Cap Dividend Yield (Annualized)
AUD 156.921M 0.00%

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Chart Price & Information

Last Trade 0.088
Change% -3.2967
52 W H/L 0.200/0.049
EBITDA -18.768M
NPAT After Abnormal Items -19.874M
Equity 51.044M
ROE% -38.94%
Total Liabilities 7.655M
Total Revenue 12.186M
Cash and Cash Equivalents 40.73M

Stock Information

Share price 0.088
Market Cap 156.921M
Price/Gross Cash Flow -9.75
Dividend Yield Excluding Special 0.00%
Ending Shares 1.778B
52-Week Range 0.200-0.049
Gross DPS (AUD) 0
Gross Dividend Yield (Annualized) 0.00%
Earnings Yield 0.000
Net Tangible Asset (NTA) 0.02
P/E ratio 0.000
Sector P/E --
EPS -1.18
Net Profit Margin (%) -189.37%
Gross Cash Flows Per Share -0.01
Net Gearing -79.46%
Sales Per Share 0.01
Book Value Per Share 0.03

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About Company

A global company, ImpediMed Limited (ASX:IPD) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of medical devices employing bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technologies. These are used in the noninvasive clinical assessment and monitoring of fluid status and tissue composition.

ImpediMed was founded and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Operation run in the United States and Europe.

The Company’s devices accurately and noninvasively measure a patient’s total body water, and extracellular and intracellular fluid volumes to aid in the assessment and interventions for chronic diseases.

ImpediMed, along with its subsidiaries have pioneered the use of BIS technology. The first commercially available BIS device was produced in 1990.

Notably, the Company’s L-Dex® device was the first FDA-cleared medical technology to use BIS for the assessment of lymphedema. Currently, the use of L-Dex is now recommended in clinical practice guidelines of research centers and professional organizations across the country.

In 2017, ImpediMed launched SOZO®, the world’s most advanced BIS device. It is an FDA-cleared, CE-marked and ARTG-listed digital health platform. SOZO® helps in the early detection of secondary lymphedema, offers fluid status for patients living with heart failure and enables measurement and tracking of various body composition parameters.

A single, powerful SOZO® reading allows clinicians across multiple specialties to provide individualized, proactive care that can help improve patient outcomes.

The Company is exploring the use of its advanced bioimpedance technology for a wide range of commercial applications such as General health and weight management, bone content and protein-calorie malnutrition.

Corporate Information

Unit 1, 50 Parker Court, PINKENBA, QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4008

Phone:(07) 3860 3700



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