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For over a decade, SMSF Loan Experts has been making SMSF (self-managed super fund) lending simpler in the Australian market. Property investment is one of the favourite destinations to park funds. The team at SMSF Loan Experts brings to the table rich expertise in assessing the borrowing requirements of super funds and arranging for the best lending partner.

SMSF Loan Experts is a facilitator when it comes to limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBA). The firm entered the SMSF property financing space at a time when super funds were facing concerns in raising capital. The firm brought with it ease of raising funds, indeed at low costs. The team works behind the scenes to reduce overall financing costs, which can indirectly add to the retirement corpus of any SMSF.

SMSF Loan Experts’ credit license enables the team to deal with a wide range of lenders for any particular client. This also sets SMSF Loan Experts apart from other SMSF lending service providers. Besides, a bigger pool of lenders helps in bringing down the fund-raising costs and trimming the turnaround time.

The team deals only with MFAA (Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia) accredited brokers. This injects confidence and transparency in the entire scheme of things. Besides, SMSF Loan Experts has established close relationships with other sectoral experts, including taxation advisers, accountants, and legal experts.

SMSF has become a preferred investment tool for retirement planning. It is best to maintain a diversified portfolio, besides cutting down on the costs of acquisition. SMSF Loan Experts helps avail self-managed super fund loans at best rates, thereby cutting costs.

The entity adds value to and weeds out inefficiencies from the property investment strategy of any SMSF. The firm helps in securing residential and commercial SMSF loans, SMSF setup and refinancing. It allows even bad credit rating SMSFs tap funding avenues. The firm’s services also include SMSF loan pre-approvals, which means having an arrangement in place even before the fund is set up.

SMSF Loan Experts is a one-stop answer to all SMSF real estate investment needs.

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