Galileo Exchange

Galileo Exchange is a gamified trading platform, providing traders with a unique combination of crypto exchange, blockchain project and accelerated price dynamics.

Galileo has developed and implemented some impressive technology. In fact, it claims to be the first to combine trading with truly engaging mechanics under a tight seal of blockchain technology.

The self-professed “day traders paradise” introduces Dynamically Tethered Indexes (DTIs), which turn every second into a new trading opportunity.

The DTI feature is just one of many that makes Galileo a one-of-a-kind trading platform.

What’s a DTI?

Dynamically Tethered Indexes are created by combing a base asset (eg Bitcoin) with a random component, known as “atmospheric noise”. The result is a hybrid instrument, which ultimately boosts trading opportunities with more technical trade setups.

Galileo is targeted towards a wide variety of audiences.

GELT Token

GELT is the native token of the Galileo Exchange and is built on and pegged to the Binance Smart Chain. GELT’s tokenomics are set according to a deterministic and transparent bonding curve function.

Contact Information

Melbourne, AU

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