360 Capital Group (ASX:TGP)
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AUD 0.825

-0.005 (0.602%)
(As on 2022-12-07 10:42:31 AEDT)
Previous Close Open Close*
0.83 0.83 0.825
Market Cap Dividend Yield (Annualized)
AUD 201.457M 4.52%

Day Range
0.825L 0.83 H
0.75L 1.04 H

Chart Price & Information

Last Trade 0.825
Change% -0.6024
52 W H/L 1.040/0.750
EBITDA 45.548M
NPAT After Abnormal Items 5.29M
Equity 0
ROE% 0.37%
Total Liabilities 51.317M
Total Revenue 0
Cash and Cash Equivalents 0

Stock Information

Share price 0.825
Market Cap 201.457M
Price/Gross Cash Flow 36.32
Dividend Yield Excluding Special 4.52%
Ending Shares 218.998M
52-Week Range 1.040-0.750
Gross DPS (AUD) 0.04
Gross Dividend Yield (Annualized) 4.52%
Earnings Yield 17.430
Net Tangible Asset (NTA) 0.78
P/E ratio 5.737
Sector P/E --
EPS 2.30
Net Profit Margin (%) 16.62%
Gross Cash Flows Per Share 0.02
Net Gearing -9.43%
Sales Per Share 0.02
Book Value Per Share 0.91

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About Company

Founded in 1986, TPG Telecom Limited (ASX:TPG) was formerly known as Vodafone Hutchison Australia Limited. The company has been listed in the communication sector of ASX since 2020. In 2020, TPG Corporation Limited, formerly known as TPG Telecom, merged with Vodafone Hutchison to form the present-day company- TPG Telecom Limited. The amalgamation of these two leading telecom giants has resulted in the formation of one of the largest telecommunication companies in Australia.  TPG Telecom Limited (ASX:TPG) possesses a few sought-after brands in Australia, like Vodafone, TPG, iiNet, AAPT, Internode, Lebara and Felix. The company is the owner and operator of mobile and fixed networks throughout Australia, connecting the country for the better.  TPG Telecom Limited (ASX:TPG) boasts of a robust competitive spirit and a promise to deliver best services and products to its customers. It is often touted as the second largest telecommunication company listed on ASX.  TPG Telecom Limited (ASX:TPG) is led by Canning Fok, the Chairman of the company, followed by Iñaki Berroeta, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of TPG.  


Ex-Date Net Dividend Frank Flag Period End Date Type Payable
29/06/2022 $0.02 100% 30/06/2022 Final Dividend 27/07/2022
30/03/2022 $0.02 100% 31/03/2022 Interim Dividend 27/04/2022
30/12/2021 $0.02 100% 31/12/2021 Interim Dividend 27/01/2022
29/09/2021 $0.02 100% 30/09/2021 Interim Dividend 27/10/2021
28/03/2019 $0.03 100% 31/12/2018 Special Cash Dividend 10/04/2019
23/01/2018 $0.21 100% 31/12/2017 Special Dividend 31/01/2018

Event Calendar

Event Type Event Date Event Year
Report (Annual) 2023-08-24 2023
Report (Prelim) 2023-08-24 2023
Report (Interim) 2023-02-23 2023