COVID-19: Which countries are winning the vaccination race?

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As COVID-19 continues unabated, wreaking havoc in the economies across the globe, the need for vaccinating population against the virus is increasing with every passing day.

The pandemic has infected 207.95 million people till now, of which 4.37 million have lost their lives. In the last week itself, many European countries saw a decline in number of weekly fresh infections, the global numbers shot up 0.6% -- buoyed by a steep spike in cases in the US and Iran.

At least 4.66 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered around the world till date, and the number is likely to touch five billion by the next fortnight. The important thing to note here is that 4.66 billion doses of vaccines doesn’t translate to 4.66 billion vaccinated people as each person requires at least two jabs (in most cases).

Here is the list of five countries that have vaccinated majority of their populations:

United Arab Emirates (UAE): This oil-rich gulf nation has administered 17.3 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to its citizens till now. As much as 82.8% of the country’s population has been partially vaccinated and 73.7% has been fully vaccinated. The country has been leading the global numbers on COVID-19 testing as well – with every Emirati citizen tested seven times till now.

Malta: This country of almost 450,000 residents is a European archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. The country has administered 800,000 doses of vaccine – vaccinating 81.1% of the population fully and 80.4% of their population partially. The country has, so far, tested each of its citizens two and a half times.

Singapore: This country has been leading in containing the spread of pandemic in the Asia Pacific region. With 5.9 million residents, the country has administered 8.4 million doses of vaccine – partially vaccinating 78.6% of its population and fully vaccinating 71.4% of its population. The country has also tested each of its citizens thrice till now.

Qatar: This is yet another oil-rich gulf nation making it to the top five when it comes to vaccination. With 2.81 million residents calling the country home, it has administered 4.1 million doses of vaccine. The country has partially vaccinated 77.7% of their population and fully vaccinated 65.9% of its residents.

Iceland: This Nordic Island nation is defined by its dramatic landscape dotted with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. But it is now also known for its high vaccination rate. With a population of just 343,725 people, the country, till now has administered 477,200 cases of vaccine – partially vaccinating 76.2% of its population and fully vaccinating 70.7% of its population.



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